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Executive Travelware is a family-owned and operated business, started in 1987 as a "mail order" marketer. We chose to focus on travel-related products, in part, because we enjoy traveling and really appreciate the benefits of good travel tools. That included business travel (be it overnight or daily sales calls) and of course, leisure travel. We've expanded to include complementary products, such as world globes, clocks and quality gifts.

So why should you buy from us? Because you can buy with confidence. We're not the biggest and we don't offer the widest selection. Like others, we offer competitive prices and an honest satisfaction guarantee. One good reason to shop Executive Travelware is because of what we don't sell!

We're very fussy about the products we carry. We are selective about the brands we offer and often "cherry pick" from their product lines. We have rejected a lot of products because they did not meet our standards of performance or value. We've excluded such products as jet-lag pills, personal portable air purifiers and hair drier-iron combinations that either failed to meet expectations or couldn't be properly evaluated.

And we certainly do "field test" products. For example, on one business trip we took along a portable motion sensing intrusion alarm for hotel room use. Even though it was shut off, the device decided to blast an alarm in an overhead luggage rack at 33,000 feet! Needless to say, that didn't make us popular with the flight crew; and that product didn't make the cut! We also reject products that we don't believe to be durable enough to stand up to regular use.

The products that we will sell you are those that we have experience with, have evaluated, or come from trusted, quality manufacturers.

Here's one of our most popular product categories is world globes. We offer the Replogle brand because it's the best world globe product line available with the best cartography. We have visited their factory and watched the care that goes into manufacturing and packing their products. So, we know you'll be satisfied.

And the chances are, you'll discover products on our site that are available on few if any other sites. We search out trade shows, trade publications and even travel in search of unique, functional products. We also look for special buys to save you more money. These are usually indicated by a "Limited Quantities" notice.

We're also very service oriented. We can provide assistance in making a product selection for yourself or as a gift. If you are having difficulty finding a product you've seen, we may be able to source it for you or direct you to someone who carries it.

Unlike some of today's on-line merchants, we still offer an 800 number to take your orders or answer your questions. And if we're unavailable, we'll get back to you as-soon-as-possible.

Another important service we offer is reduced prices and personalization of quantity orders. Whether you are trying to equip members of a tour with travel accessories, looking for personalized business gifts or just trying to simplify your holiday shopping, we're ready to help.

Minimums for imprinting vary with item, as do prices, so please tell us about your needs.
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Leslee and Morrie Goldman